Definition of Andorran in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Andorra or its people.

    ‘the oldest known church in the Andorran valleys’
    • ‘Traditional Andorran crafts include fancy, carved pinewood furniture, pottery, and ironwork.’
    • ‘Until about the middle of the twentieth century, the Andorran economy was based on transhumant shepherding and the breeding of cattle and horses.’
    • ‘Until 1982, when an Andorran public school system was created, there were only French and Spanish schools.’
    • ‘He was born in Barcelona of Andorran parents.’
    • ‘More than 90 percent of Andorrans are Roman Catholic, and Catholicism influences many aspects of Andorran life.’
    • ‘The Andorran parliament (the General Council) includes twenty-eight members, half elected by local constituencies and half by national votes.’
    • ‘Most Andorran land is of communal ownership, including the woods and alpine meadows that occupy more than 80 percent of the territory.’
    • ‘If lying on a beach isn't your cup of tea, the firm has all sorts of holidays to Lake Garda in Italy, the Tuscan countryside and the Andorran Pyrenees.’
    • ‘Favorite Andorran recipes are often based on farm produce and freshly caught game.’
    • ‘In Europe, I will get to speak French to native speakers, see world landmarks, and advance my knowledge of French, Spanish, and Andorran culture.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Andorra.

    ‘many Andorrans live in traditional, slate-roofed, stone farmhouses’
    • ‘The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Meritxell constitutes the most important religious symbol for Andorrans and is also an attractive spot for tourist visits.’
    • ‘Andorrans also grew some tobacco, while agriculture was oriented to the production of cereals, potatoes, and garden vegetables.’
    • ‘He said that to be told he was a latecomer was an insult and, as an Andorran he would sue.’
    • ‘Gustav Peddle, an Andorran, came 13th in the Tour de France in 1938.’
    • ‘Andorrans who attend college usually do so in France or Spain.’
    • ‘Most Andorrans also speak French and Spanish, and some speak English.’
    • ‘And in a tense final, Trevor managed to finish fifth, with an Andorran winning the event.’