Definition of anciently in US English:



  • Long ago.

    ‘the area was anciently called Dalriada’
    • ‘It became the perfect central motif, as both an anciently used village resource and the centre of late 20th century disputes on patents and ownership of knowledge.’
    • ‘Genuinely novel ethics are not always genuine improvements, while many anciently articulated ethical goals remain elusive.’
    • ‘In the stomp dance, as in all facets of traditional Cherokee life, women and men follow anciently prescribed roles that complement each other and make it possible for Cherokees to live balanced lives.’
    • ‘The degree of completeness of the combinatorial system in the most anciently arisen living vertebrates to possess the combinatorial immune response was surprising.’
    • ‘This shows that England anciently had strong intermediate institutions standing between the individual and the higher levels of government - the remote roots of what we have come to know as ‘civil society’.’
    • ‘Only 17 human bones have ever been found, those of a young woman, perhaps an anciently abandoned victim of the tar.’
    • ‘‘This new art speedily put an end to the old calling of scrivener or text-writer, anciently established in this city, and which had its own gild,’ noted Brunton.’
    • ‘Out comes a sheath of crisp, paper-wrapped dressings, and with what feels like an anciently learned slowness, she unpeels the tape on my chest, watching my face the whole time.’
    • ‘Although anciently used for fishing and farming by the Abenaki natives and home to Ethan Allen in the 1780s, in the early 20th century this area was used as a municipal dump.’
    • ‘In anciently inhabited countries, the dust of ages seems to settle upon and smother the intellects and energies of man.’
    • ‘From the point of view of the Ulster church, Ussher's most significant contribution was his book, A discourse of the religion anciently professed by the Irish and Brittish, published in 1631.’
    • ‘Gilroy states that the Aborigines believed the caves were anciently used as animal lairs, and he cites reported sightings and discoveries of footprints in the region.’
    • ‘So we went over the mountain to visit historic Sanzen-in, the anciently renowned and moss-gardened temple in Ohara, just outside Kyoto.’
    • ‘Within rapidly changing lineages, the signal may be best at lower levels, with anciently shared arrangements being eroded.’
    • ‘Such soiled realism would have been unthinkable as Oscar-winning fare a generation ago, but today, to revive an anciently unfunny bumper sticker, you do not have to be mad to work in Hollywood, but it helps.’
    • ‘Nowadays we do it on a bible, anciently we did it by the sceptre of Jupiter.’
    • ‘This whole perversion of national ethos which took eons to build and which manifested itself in our diurnal living as a vibrant social praxis, anciently descended, has been the ‘success story’ of the Hindu Taliban.’
    • ‘To the anciently subtle discernment of the Japanese, though, Japanese rice is about equal in importance to air.’
    • ‘She walked under its low hanging branches and saw that its trunk had a face like that of an anciently aged man.’
    • ‘The Moriarty family anciently possessed this district, from which they were expelled by McCarthy-Mór.’