Definition of anatomically correct in US English:

anatomically correct


  • (of a doll) having the sexual organs plainly represented.

    • ‘Ninety-nine 4-year-old male and female children were asked to name body parts on a same-sex, anatomically correct doll.’
    • ‘The dolls, which were anatomically correct, gender diverse, and racially diverse, were distributed at random.’
    • ‘The executive producer, a short, red-faced Washingtonian named Mick Kaczorowski, told me they'd even commissioned a full-scale, anatomically correct mammoth carcass made of polyurethane and yak hair.’
    • ‘Like all the other porn star sex dolls, this one is anatomically correct in every way.’
    • ‘The child was referred in October 1986 to SATU where she was seen by Woods and interviewed with the use of play materials and anatomically correct dolls.’
    • ‘The researchers used anatomically correct, male and female modified Cabbage Patch dolls that represented all ethnicities.’
    • ‘The idea for the Amamanta Family of anatomically correct dolls had been born.’
    • ‘The exhibit begins with a life-size, anatomically correct, glass model of a male, whose organs, muscles, and bones can be seen through a clear plastic skin.’
    • ‘It was only the size of one of Katie's baby dolls, but it was perfectly proportioned and anatomically correct.’
    • ‘The doll comes in black lingerie, is anatomically correct and has tan lines!’
    • ‘And I don't want your new-fangled 3D super spectacular improved and anatomically correct Mario or Zelda.’
    • ‘In case you missed it, farmer created an anatomically correct portrait of Karl Rove.’
    • ‘If its anatomically correct and everything, I think a real doll could be a great learning tool in health and anatomy classes.’
    • ‘How does this apply to ‘outsider’ artists, like Henry Darger, or Morton Bartlett, who made anatomically correct dolls in the 1960s ‘for company’?’
    • ‘The use of anatomically correct dolls has been frowned upon and although these were perfectly ordinary toys, the practice using dolls has to be viewed with care.’
    • ‘He is anatomically correct both in his fly-zone and no-fly-zone.’
    • ‘Clint and Donald Olson of this Wisconsin city spent many hours creating their anatomically correct sculpture of a snow man, but after getting complaints from other residents, police ordered the brothers to alter the figure's anatomy.’
    • ‘In the course of their pretrial interrogations, the children in Kelly Michaels' case were given knives and forks and anatomically correct dolls.’
    • ‘In any case, Dan, I promise you that among all the women who think you're a doll, plenty will consider you the anatomically correct kind.’
    • ‘Now I marvel at the evidence that it ever was: notes, photos, a tiny, anatomically correct heart cast in pink plastic I was given as a gift.’


anatomically correct

/ˌanəˌtämək(ə)lē kəˈrekt/