Definition of anatomical in US English:


(also anat.)


  • 1Relating to bodily structure.

    ‘anatomical abnormalities’
    • ‘This approach is not without problems, due to the neurovascular anatomical structures in close proximity.’
    • ‘Most episodes are due to urinary tract infections and renal cyst rupture that relate to the underlying anatomical abnormalities.’
    • ‘It's not a cancer that spreads through the blood stream all over the body, rather it stays confined to one anatomical region of the body.’
    • ‘The woman has a history of ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, endometriosis, or anatomical abnormalities’
    • ‘New anatomical features usually arise from modification of an existing structure.’
    • ‘The anatomical location of the pelvic blood vessels puts them at risk for injury during hip surgery.’
    • ‘Over 20 000 anatomical structures can be revealed, all of which can be identified by a click of the mouse.’
    • ‘Disappointingly, however, bones and other anatomical structures are impossible to see.’
    • ‘This could indicate that stones caused anatomical damage to the urinary tract.’
    • ‘The standard technique for placing central venous catheters is by using anatomical landmarks.’
    • ‘To understand the supportive anatomical structures of the pelvis it is necessary to see the ligaments, as well.’
    • ‘He or she holds the patient's leg and hip in correct anatomical position while the cement hardens.’
    • ‘We are able to distinguish anatomical margins when two structures of different density abut one another.’
    • ‘The head and neck encompasses many vital structures and is one of the most complex anatomical regions in the body.’
    • ‘This means loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function.’
    • ‘It is used to displace subretinal fluid and return the retina to its normal anatomical position.’
    • ‘If I wanted to see the anatomical structures underlying an injury, I was unable to do it as quickly with the CD as flicking through a textbook.’
    • ‘We describe two children with recurrent bacterial meningitis due to cranial anatomical defects in whom diagnosis was delayed.’
    • ‘Many medical, physiological, or anatomical terms have origins that we never even think of.’
    • ‘These stages involve a number of anatomical structures and muscle groups.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to anatomy.
      ‘anatomical lectures’
      • ‘He also left extensive studies of human anatomy based on dissection of animals and anatomical writings of others.’
      • ‘Five branches of the same developmental stage, i.e. of similar length and bearing up to seven leaves, were selected for leaf anatomical study.’
      • ‘He died from bladder cancer in Oxford, leaving his body to anatomical science.’
      • ‘The flayed body immediately raises the context of anatomical study.’
      • ‘A sub-sample of 15 stems per variety was used for anatomical studies and quantification of tension wood.’
      • ‘Once a year in the early days, the body of an executed criminal would be handed over to the college for anatomical study.’
      • ‘Lawlor's equine subjects are informed by the mythical rather than the figurative or strictly anatomical study.’
      • ‘However, the most disturbing faults are those that occur in almost all of his anatomical studies.’
      • ‘The scientists had a laboratory for the study of anatomical and zoological specimens and a reference library.’
      • ‘In 1665, De Graaf went to France and continued his anatomical research on the pancreas.’
      • ‘Moreover, researchers can analyse the associated neurological, causative, and anatomical findings.’
      • ‘Under Dittrich skeletons were studied and sketched as anatomical specimens, not always skull to toe.’
      • ‘Grey's anatomical studies follow the precedent set by Michelangelo, who risked excommunication to secretly study anatomy in a morgue.’
      • ‘We know he made many drawings of all kinds but beyond his anatomical studies, only a handful appears to survive.’
      • ‘During this period, Da Vinci also produced his first anatomical studies.’
      • ‘His early anatomical studies were intended to form part of his treatise on painting.’
      • ‘At his death he was working on an anatomical study (now at Yale) comparing various species.’
      • ‘Until well into the 1980s, anatomical studies suggested that hippos may have evolved from pigs.’
      • ‘How did a pregnant young lady come to die intact and yet have her body donated for anatomical dissection?’
      • ‘In a similar manner Leonardo had previously relied on a figure study by Pollaiuolo when he started his anatomical studies around 1487.’


Late 16th century: from late Latin anatomicus, from anatomia (see anatomy), + -al.