Definition of anatase in US English:



  • One of the tetragonal forms of titanium dioxide, usually found as brown crystals, used as a pigment in paints and inks.

    • ‘Small well-developed brown anatase crystals replacing larger titanite crystals have been collected from Corral Canyon, Churchill County, Nevada.’
    • ‘Her late husband Walter McCrone studied the map during the 1970s and published micrographs of seemingly synthetic anatase crystals in the ink.’
    • ‘McCrone discovered that the Vinland Map, purporting to show that Leif Ericson had visited America some five centuries before Columbus, had traces of anatase, a pigment not synthesized until about 1920.’
    • ‘June saw them undertaking the long journey to the Glenover phosphate deposit in the Northern Province to look for apatite, monazite, pyrite, magnetite, calcite, anatase, and rutile.’
    • ‘Similar though typically smaller anatase crystals were found with secondary copper and zinc minerals at the Eldorado mine, Montgomery County, and with quartz in Alexander County.’


Early 19th century: from French, from Greek anatasis ‘extension’, with allusion to the length of the crystals.