Definition of Anasazi in US English:



  • A member of an ancient North American people of the southwestern US, who flourished between c.200 BC and AD 1500. The earliest phase of their culture is known as the Basket Maker period; the present-day Pueblo culture developed from a later stage.

    • ‘Another example comes from the Anasazi, who lived in the American South-West.’
    • ‘Now, students of the ancient Anasazi to the north are reaching a consensus that this people as well, far from the docile agriculturalists they have usually been cast as, were also capable of great violence.’
    • ‘In this home of the Dinetah, or Navajo holy land, as well as Anasazi cultural sites dating back 10,000 years, modern energy companies have engaged in a ruinous dig-a-thon.’
    • ‘The ruins of the Anasazi or ‘Ancient Ones’ date back to the time of Christ.’
    • ‘Victoria said she thinks the Anasazi are related to the various pueblos in New Mexico - Yldefonso, Black mesa, Taos, etc.’
    • ‘Diamond has investigated many different instances of cultural extinction, including the Mayans, Pitcairn Islanders, the Anasazi, Norse Greenlanders and the Vikings.’
    • ‘The later film picks up where the first left off, attempting to show that the Anasazi used solar and lunar cycles to locate pueblos in and around the Canyon.’
    • ‘Starting with this village, students may find interest in studying the abandoned villages of the Anasazi of Colorado and New Mexico, the ancient temple cities of Mexico and some of the deserted cities of the Middle East and Asia.’
    • ‘Though the Old Spanish Trail route is a few miles north of here, the museum's exhibits on Anasazi and Paiute culture offer a glimpse of what the landscape looked like before European settlers arrived.’
    • ‘Looking at the same stars the Anasazi looked upon a millennium ago is spooky fun.’
    • ‘He cites the Anasazi, but I cite the Cherokee, the Sioux, and countless others.’
    • ‘Early users included the Patayan and Anasazi peoples and the Southern Paiute.’
    • ‘The appearance of this supernova was also recorded in carvings made by the Anasazi Indians of the American Southwest.’
    • ‘The period also induced a severe, decades-long drought that may have brought on the demise of the Anasazi culture of North America.’
    • ‘To celebrate the many facets of Anasazi, Hopi, and Pueblo cultures, the museum wanted to focus both inward on the spaces that exhibited cultural artifacts and outward to the beautiful surrounding desert.’
    • ‘A new computer simulation of the changing environmental conditions around one of the Anasazi cultural centers early in the past millennium suggest that drought was not the only factor behind a sudden collapse of the civilization.’
    • ‘In the southwest corner of Colorado Mesa Verde has long been a sellout destination, thanks to its ancient cliff dwellings that were home to the Anasazi.’
    • ‘This magazine instead exemplifies our best grounds for hope: we have the means to learn from what happened to the Anasazi, while they had no means to learn from the fates of prior societies elsewhere in the world.’
    • ‘Humans absolutely must have a consistent fresh water supply, as the Anasazi Indians of the Southwest found out during a prolonged drought a few hundred years ago, when they had to abandon their homes.’
    • ‘He takes a look at some real historical boneheads: the peoples of Easter Island, the Anasazi, the Maya, and the Greenland Norse - people you don't hear much about today because they're gone.’


From Navajo, ‘ancient one’ or ‘enemy ancestor’.