Definition of analyzable in US English:


(British analysable)


  • See analyze

    • ‘Searle wants to deny that collective intentions are analyzable in terms of singular intentions, but he also wants (and in my view with better reasons) to deny that there are collective spirits or other mysterious creations.’
    • ‘Paula Fox's fourth novel, The Widow's Children, is the least analyzable and, to my mind, most emotionally satisfying of all her books.’
    • ‘Lumping ‘weblogs’ together for the purposes of criticism makes about as much sense as considering all ‘homepages’ as an analysable unit.’
    • ‘Thirty-two of the 490 patients entered in the trial were either ineligible or had no analyzable data, which resulted in a study population of 458 patients.’
    • ‘Observers of black swans tend to overestimate the analysable and underestimate the non-explainable.’