Definition of analytically in US English:



  • Using analysis or logical reasoning.

    ‘the probabilities can be derived analytically’
    • ‘They have been educated to think analytically and apply science, history, and economics to food writing.’
    • ‘In order to look more analytically at such problems, it is useful to examine what legacies lie behind them.’
    • ‘Integrals may be solved either analytically (by algebraic exactness) or numerically (by computed approximation).’
    • ‘Competency mapping is particularly appealing to analytically oriented decision-makers.’
    • ‘It is analytically worthwhile to highlight the progressive acceleration in debt growth over the past few years.’
    • ‘I found him to be sharp as a tack analytically while still in his nineties.’
    • ‘Their improved ability to think analytically assists them with time management.’
    • ‘While their television stations have provided constant updates on the progress of the war, newspapers have been more analytically critical.’
    • ‘The tests are designed to see if you are able to interpret a text analytically.’
    • ‘The book is based on the premise that creative writing can be systematically and analytically approached.’