Definition of analogize in English:



  • Make a comparison of (something) with something else to assist understanding.

    ‘he could analogize birth to the coming into being of a poem’
    • ‘And I think it was - I analogize it to being thirsty and saying well I'll just wait for some water.’
    • ‘In ‘Dead,’ a spare country-rock shuffle, Harris analogizes the deaths of great songwriters who died too young with her inability to escape love.’
    • ‘Farquhar sees Chinese food politics as oriented around ‘excess and deficiency’ and analogizes them to core Chinese medical concepts.’
    • ‘Jeff Wells analogizes it all to a marijuana haze.’
    • ‘It consists of wave after wave of manifestos and other declarations which seek to analogize disparate events, from the Watts riots to the war for Algerian independence.’
    • ‘Like Roberts, Barker propels us into the embodied life of ritual and, again like the mystics, analogises God's love for humanity as a sexual union.’
    • ‘Poetry allows us to examine science in a way that purely scientific discourse cannot by analogizing abstract concepts into concrete forms.’
    • ‘And I'll analogize it to the case down in Galveston, the Durst case.’
    • ‘Such a desire is not the same as analogizing the city to the family, of merely wishing that the city were more like a family.’
    • ‘It was a sort of fatal free lunch (if you can use a positive term to analogise a negative act).’
    • ‘Attempts to analogize pregnancy so often become attempts to dehumanize pregnancy, to obscure the fact that abortion pits a woman against her own child rather than proceeding on the assumption that we can love and care for both.’
    • ‘The job of a judge is to look at whatever action is and try to analogize it: What would that most be like in 1787?’
    • ‘There's a nice piece here analogizing cricket to matters of the… well, heart.’
    • ‘I see no point in analogizing the kind of mobilization we carried out in World War II to the present conflict, which is entirely different.’
    • ‘Christina analogized the sensation to the phantom limb phenomenon - she still has that nagging sense that something about school needs appeasement.’
    • ‘To analogize them to the ACLU is just plain goofy - and while Barr and Armey are reactionaries, they are legitimate actors on the political stage.’
    • ‘He then analogizes the situation to the American judicial system in which persons charged with crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, some legal discussions in effect have analogized payment to a piggy bank, where a person's physical money is paid in, possibly mixed, and then extracted.’
    • ‘The newspapers' editors freely analogized weeds and tramps.’
    compare, equate, show the resemblance between, show the similarity between, draw an analogy between, make an analogy between, make an analogy of, draw a parallel between, parallel, correlate, match
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