Definition of analog-to-digital converter in US English:

analog-to-digital converter

(also analogue-to-digital converter, ADC)


  • A device for converting analog signals to digital form.

    • ‘A good camera may also allow you to use the Stereo AV socket on the camera as a ‘pass through’ analogue to digital converter.’
    • ‘The same thing is said in relation to claims 14 and 23 as for claims 1 and 32 about the necessity for having analogue to digital converter.’
    • ‘A 100 kHz analogue to digital converter was used to record the power spectrum data.’
    • ‘The songs were recorded onto magnetic tape, filtered below 100 Hz and above 1000 Hz, and digitized with a CED (Cambridge, UK) analogue to digital converter.’
    • ‘At some point, the charge that accumulates within each well must be converted to a number; a process that involves an analogue to digital converter (adc).’