Definition of analgesia in US English:



  • The inability to feel pain.

    • ‘In Scotland, a conservative view by anaesthetists prevented patients with epidural anaesthesia / analgesia being nursed outside of high dependency units.’
    • ‘Because epidural analgesia provides the highest level of pain relief, the physician and patient should decide when it should be used.’
    • ‘The association of maternal fever with epidural analgesia is well known.’
    • ‘Most women in the United States deliver infants in hospitals where epidural analgesia or intravenous narcotics are the only pain-relief options.’
    • ‘The Acute Pain Service from the Department of Anesthesia manages epidural analgesia.’


Early 18th century: from Greek analgēsia ‘painlessness’, from an- ‘not’ + algein ‘feel pain’.