Definition of anal retentiveness in US English:

anal retentiveness


  • See anal-retentive

    • ‘Indeed, I would like to see a Freudian interpretation of social values related to constipation that particularly explores anal retentiveness and the use of dilators, vibrators and colonic irrigation as methods of prevention and cure.’
    • ‘I can't even begin to think of anything to say about this, but thought I would offer it up to the greater glory of anal retentiveness in all its myriad and glorious forms.’
    • ‘Her short and sweet set consisted of three numbers: three funny, neurotic anecdotes about cats, anal retentiveness and the apocalypse.’
    • ‘His anal retentiveness - he must, must, MUST wipe the seat every time he sits down at their local coffee house - and perfect timing makes him one of the most endearing characters in television history.’
    • ‘‘Not to stereotype accountants, but it's good to have that anal retentiveness in the way that we look at stocks,’ says Fort.’