Definition of anagenesis in US English:



  • Species formation without branching of the evolutionary line of descent.

    Compare with cladogenesis
    • ‘This process of organic transformation includes anagenesis as well as cladogenesis.’
    • ‘However, in contrast, his reading of evolutionary theory is both closely linked to the modern synthesis and rejects anagenesis .’
    • ‘For this reason, it should come as little surprise that proponents of a hierarchical approach to macroevolution do not consider anagenesis to be the dominant mode of species transformation.’
    • ‘Contrary to some critics of parsimony methods, cladists neither deny the possibility that true ancestors are being sampled nor reject the reality of anagenesis.’
    • ‘Evolutionary taxonomists such as Simpson use both cladogenesis and anagenesis in their classifications, arguing that taxonomic groups should be based on the branching points in evolution and the degree of difference between groups.’


Late 19th century: from ana- and genesis.