Definition of anaclitic in English:



  • Relating to or characterized by a strong emotional dependence on another or others.

    ‘anaclitic depression’
    • ‘The anaclitic reaction was carried on in later adult life and was characterized by an inability to show love or emotions in their social relationships.’
    • ‘Men tended to utilize the anaclitic choice, Freud thought, and women tend toward the narcissistic.’
    • ‘In contrast, anaclitic patients are overly focused on relationship issues such as intimacy, trust, and sexuality.’
    • ‘Out of this process, the breakdown of the anaclitic identification with the mother, the ego emerges.’
    • ‘This comes in addition to other expressions that existed beforehand, such as anaclitic depression, thoughts and fears about death.’


1920s: from Greek anaklitos for reclining from anaklinein recline.