Definition of anabasis in US English:


nounPlural anabases

  • 1A march from a coast into the interior, as that of the younger Cyrus into Asia in 401 BC, as narrated by Xenophon in his work Anabasis.

    • ‘The great resources of military manpower remaining are reflected in accounts of the famous procession mounted by him at Daphne, prior to his anabasis to the ‘Upper Satrapies’, a major military campaign, in which he met his death.’
    • ‘Seleucus then undertook an anabasis to regain Parthia, the results of which came to nothing.’
    1. 1.1 A military advance.


From Greek, ‘ascent’, from anabainein ‘walk up’, from ana- ‘up’ + bainein ‘go’.