Definition of amusingly in US English:



  • 1In a way that causes laughter and provides entertainment.

    ‘his exquisite manners contrasted amusingly with our rude ways’
    as submodifier ‘he could always be relied upon to be amusingly pompous’
    • ‘His memoirs amusingly depict the trade and the dealers and collectors he knew.’
    • ‘She entertains with an amusingly eccentric choice of songs.’
    • ‘The way he escapes capture is amusingly campy and clever, and the fight scene is dizzying with an unexpected twist.’
    • ‘They both did neat comic turns as the Devil, a role once amusingly danced by Baryshnikov.’
    • ‘Realizing they can't overcome their own dialogue, they amusingly pitch their performances somewhere past the balcony.’
    • ‘The actor bites amusingly into his slightly sinister role as a suspicious investigator.’
    • ‘Boy meets girl, boy has initial fling with girl, relationship gets amusingly complicated, and boy finally makes up with girl.’
    • ‘This disclaimer amusingly manipulates the facts.’
    • ‘He's watching, but also commenting from the sidelines in an amusingly cantankerous and sometimes doleful way.’
    • ‘She reads the cookbook in French, and her husband amusingly translates for our benefit.’
  • 2sentence adverb Used to express amusement at an event or situation.

    ‘amusingly, all the people near me seemed also to come from Wollongong’
    • ‘In this instance, amusingly, it is anti-regulation conservatives who are crying "Big Brother."’
    • ‘Amusingly, I'm not at all thin or particularly pretty.’
    • ‘You can access nearly 100 downloadable images of his buildings and, amusingly, front and back views of the Pritzker medal.’
    • ‘Amusingly, the story is not so much based on the original fairy tale as on the 1991 Disney version of the fairy tale.’
    • ‘Amusingly, right after I posted the above, the station said that Americans "woke up to the news."’
    • ‘Somewhat amusingly, the onset of his passion for sugary foodstuffs coincides with his increased sex drive.’
    • ‘Amusingly, it pinpoints the exact area which the name-caller is most anxious about.’
    • ‘Amusingly, I thought for a moment that one of these three was hitting on the eligible bachelorette Miss Marple.’
    • ‘The show is a seminal work of the "girl fighting demons and monsters" genre, of which, amusingly, there have been many imitators.’
    • ‘Amusingly, if you click on his profile, he states he's a software developer.’