Definition of amrit in US English:


(also amrita)


  • A syrup considered divine by Sikhs and taken by them in religious observances.

    • ‘Some devotees convinced him to join and to start taking charna amrit, the water which naturally flows from under the feet of Mata in the shrine.’
    • ‘Getting above this ego is the search for amrit [nectar].’
    • ‘Kumbh is inherently, and fundamentally, spiritual; after all it is all about amrit…’
    • ‘Kumbh is inherently, and fundamentally, spiritual; it is all about amrit, the meeting of three waters, an act of faith, a phenomena of transcendence.’
    • ‘If any one of them is not a bearer of Amrit, he or she is suggested to drink Amrit.’
    • ‘The candidates for initiation drink some of the amrit from the same bowl, and have it sprinkled on their eyes and hair.’
    • ‘The amrit that it holds symbolizes the divine consciousness, which is the true source of immortality.’
    • ‘Whether it was water or something like that or not, there was no death, no amrit, no day nor night, only apraketasalila.’
    • ‘Drink amrit and live a content life.’
    • ‘Why do the initiates drink Amrit?’


From Sanskrit amṛta ‘immortal’.