Definition of amplifier in US English:



  • 1An electronic device for increasing the amplitude of electrical signals, used chiefly in sound reproduction.

    • ‘The differential amplifier further includes a lateral bipolar transistor.’
    • ‘The aim of the invention is to process higher maximum levels of the source signal and to suppress noises of the second amplifier.’
    • ‘Hearing aids are electronic devices made up of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker and a battery.’
    • ‘The receiver front end - including the antenna, RF integrated circuits, low noise amplifiers, and filters - are still driven by hardware design and production costs.’
    • ‘The function generators feed into an integrator to combine the waveforms before it went to an amplifier and then was split to go to the electrodes.’
    • ‘The book is a practical reference for professionals who create amplifiers suitable for linear transmitters.’
    • ‘This makes it suitable for audio applications, including audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, home entertainment system, mixing desks and audio recording equipment.’
    • ‘An amplifier and a sampler convert the storage medium signal into a timed sample sequence.’
    • ‘Thermal noise typically originates in the amplifiers.’
    • ‘The apparatus includes two visual indicators, two amplifiers, and a logic circuit.’
    • ‘He adds that the company is building other components, including a range of radio-frequency and intermediate-frequency amplifiers in order to provide a complete system-level solution for set-tops.’
    • ‘Adding amplifiers and oscillators, of course, increases the complexity of the systems as well as the cost.’
    • ‘We have demonstrated a variety of devices and functions, including single mode and ring lasers, high-speed and monitoring detectors, modulators, amplifiers, and passive waveguides.’
    • ‘The combined result is increased profitability, regardless of whether the company makes aspirin or amplifiers.’
    • ‘In addition, he says, transmission amplifiers can be located at substations which are already secure and equipped with low-voltage power.’
    • ‘Linear amplifiers are much less efficient but pass complex transmission signals with minimum distortion, thus preserving spectral utilization.’
    • ‘Circumstances changed dramatically in about 1925 when the new microphones and triode valve amplifiers introduced a few years earlier for radio broadcasting came into use.’
    • ‘The auxiliary amplifier is provided within the circuit to increase the gain of the cascode amplifier and has an associated output.’
    1. 1.1 A device consisting of an amplifier combined with a loudspeaker, used to amplify electric guitars and other musical instruments.
      • ‘The walls are throbbing gently to the beat of music coming from one near and several more distant amplifiers.’
      • ‘I mean, I only have to look at an amplifier or an effects pedal and it blows up.’
      • ‘I've been in bands before where they spend so much time rehearsing and carrying amplifiers around that they haven't actually achieved anything.’
      • ‘You'd think that rock musicians would have worse hearing loss, but their amplifiers are typically pointed towards the audience, and they aren't playing directly into each other's ears.’
      • ‘Previously, only guitars and amplifiers (with the auxiliary keyboards and drums) possessed such accessibility.’
      • ‘They walk down in the rain to get close enough to hear me sing without the amplifier.’
      • ‘They would also limit the number of music events that use amplifiers.’
      • ‘In common with most of the shacks, they also sell turntables, amplifiers and speakers for about Rp 200,000 each depending on the make, etc.’
      • ‘Each strum of the guitar trembles through the amplifier to turn feedback into magic.’
      • ‘She disappeared from a moment, then returned dragging a heavy amplifier, with a full-scale bass tucked under her arm.’
      • ‘With the drum cracks, cymbal hits, and nearby guitar and bass amplifiers, my musical career a decade ago was sort of like working in a rifle range.’
      • ‘This time, she sang unaccompanied: no cousins, no amplifiers, no disco beat.’
      • ‘Sometimes the surround sound processor and the amplifier are combined into a surround sound receiver, to save you a little bit of money.’
      • ‘People didn't intend amplifiers to distort and now we can't imagine a guitar without distortion.’
      • ‘Ty plugged his electric guitar into the amplifier on the stage.’
      • ‘If you like to listen to strong, bass-heavy music, you should get powerful amplifiers and ample subwoofers.’
      • ‘Equipped with amplifiers and speakers, protesters sang, danced and conducted street drama at the entrance of the park…’
      • ‘But before the party even got started, Essex Police officers turned up and removed music amplifiers so it could not go ahead at all.’
      • ‘I've got a good sound and I usually have an amplifier and microphone.’
      • ‘He liked the way the amplifier and the turntable and the speakers were all separate, and the archaic brittleness of the grey cables that connected them all.’