Definition of amphibious in US English:



  • 1Relating to, living in, or suited for both land and water.

    ‘an amphibious vehicle’
    ‘amphibious habitats’
    • ‘The amphibious vehicle is designed to reach speeds of 100 mph on land and over 30 mph on water and can switch between the two surfaces at the switch of a button.’
    • ‘They are amphibious, able to live on land or in the ocean.’
    • ‘Forms of animals would appear over hundreds of thousands of years as the animals became amphibious and began to leave the water.’
    • ‘Their armored amphibious vehicle had taken fire and, making a sharp turn, plunged into a deep ditch, rendering it immobile.’
    • ‘In 1799 a strange Australian specimen, ‘a small amphibious animal of the mole kind,’ arrived at the Royal Society of London.’
    • ‘It might be an engineer who says that their bridges would keep more people out of the water if more people drove amphibious cars.’
    • ‘It has been heavily researched to make sure that even the vehicle and amphibious craft have the correct markings.’
    • ‘As well as a snowy theme, the map also has a number of water features, which brings into play the two amphibious vehicles.’
    • ‘I was horrified, and mourned the loss of its tiny webbed feet, but perhaps she just hastened its departure from a world no longer habitable for amphibious life forms.’
    • ‘The most interesting statistic on the list is the large number of accidents where the pilot attempted to land with the gear down with amphibious floats.’
    • ‘The Boston tour site credits tours in the midwest with starting the phenomenon, however another site claims that the first documented tour using an amphibious vehicle was in Massachusetts in 1950.’
    • ‘Many species inhabited shallow aquatic environments and some may have been amphibious, emerging onto land for at least part of their life cycle.’
    • ‘The mudskipper is an amphibious fish that has the ability to locomote on land.’
    • ‘It is not the first amphibious vehicle to plane but it is certainly the first commercial one.’
    • ‘Some may have been amphibious, emerging onto land for at least part of their life cycle.’
    • ‘It's a lightweight amphibious vehicle that can go just about anywhere.’
    • ‘The special 8-seater amphibious plane was caught in a crosswind as it landed just after 3 p.m. and veered off the runway causing severe damage to the undercarriage.’
    • ‘These Marines were in a light amphibious vehicle.’
    • ‘A crowd of some 200 locals gathered at the beach to watch the high-speed amphibious hovercraft speed across the water and then climb onto the beach, deflate, and unload its cargo.’
    • ‘These are his men and women in these amphibious vehicles bringing in supplies, food, water.’
    1. 1.1 (of a military operation) involving forces landed from the sea.
      ‘an amphibious assault’
      • ‘It was, after all, the most ambitious amphibious operation in the annals of military history until the Normandy invasion.’
      • ‘Orders were issued almost immediately to prepare for the invasion of Sicily, and the division made ready for its second amphibious operation of the war.’
      • ‘Personnel from both countries compared and practiced their skills in a parachute insertion, amphibious operations and live-fire assaults.’
      • ‘Before World War II the Marine Corps developed a doctrine of amphibious operations that employed a quick, sharp, unexpected assault against a defended coastline.’
      • ‘During World War II, they found themselves attaching a large number of specialized navy and marine support units to the combat divisions sent ashore in amphibious operations.’
      • ‘The course provides instruction in long-range patrolling, amphibious operations, hydrographic surveys, and specialized ground combat tactics.’
      • ‘The amphibious operations and jungle fighting in the Pacific presented the artillery with new tasks and responsibilities.’
      • ‘The geography of the Philippine archipelago forced the Army and Navy to collaborate on amphibious operations.’
      • ‘Sixth, the use of air cushion landing craft in the course of an amphibious assault operation seriously complicates the effective engagement of marine striking echelons as they approach the coast.’
      • ‘Medical support for the amphibious operation was meticulously planned and successfully executed in the landings on Utah and Omaha Beaches.’
      • ‘It was the largest amphibious military operation undertaken until then.’
      • ‘In many cases, by day and night, naval gunfire will be the only support available to the troops on the ground, especially in the early stages of an amphibious operation.’
      • ‘The first phase was designed as an independent attempt to force the Dardanelles by naval power alone; the second phase was an amphibious assault and a land campaign.’
      • ‘This includes supporting mine warfare and amphibious operations as well as specialist surveying tasks.’
      • ‘Making sure that soldiers find their sea legs quickly is important so as to ensure their readiness for amphibious operations.’
      • ‘The exercises include forced landings on hostile shores involving amphibious, airborne and air units, naval bombardments of land targets and coordinated amphibious, naval and air maneuvers.’
      • ‘Remarkably, the interwar period was a time of numerous important military innovations including amphibious warfare, carrier aviation, and strategic bombing.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the analyst must not only understand these subjects within the context of ground operations but also as they relate to air and amphibious operations.’
      • ‘It has concentrated upon acquiring small torpedo and missile attack boats, but has also acquired modest numbers of landing craft for amphibious operations and a small submarine force.’
      • ‘In terms of the geographic scope of the landing area and the size of the invasion force, Operation Overlord far exceeded any amphibious operation in history.’


Mid 17th century: from modern Latin amphibium, from Greek amphibion (see amphibian) + -ous.