Definition of amorphously in US English:



  • See amorphous

    • ‘I want to talk about middle-income New Zealanders - who are somewhat amorphously called ‘middle New Zealand’.’
    • ‘In addition, with the more amorphously defined ‘public order’ offences, criteria of what constitutes a disturbance are situationally variable.’
    • ‘A few watercolour-drawings are definitely erotic, but they're amorphously erotic.’
    • ‘I think that the use of the word ‘pagan’ to amorphously and collectively describe the various pre-Christian beliefs and religions of Europe is really dubious, especially when it occurs in television documentaries like this.’
    • ‘Since the counter-cultural 1960s, the amorphously named postmodern dance has gone through at least three distinct phases and now probably doesn't exist at all except in replay.’