Definition of amoebic dysentery in US English:

amoebic dysentery

(also amebic dysentery)


  • Dysentery caused by infection of the intestines by the protozoan Entamoeba histolytica, mostly in warm climates, and spread by contaminated food and water.

    • ‘You're less likely to get amebic dysentery in these countries if you take precautions such as avoiding tap water or unpasteurized milk or dairy products.’
    • ‘The incubation period for amebic dysentery is usually 1-4 weeks, but may be shorter or substantially longer.’
    • ‘The danger of an amebic dysentery is involvement of the liver, and can lead to hepatitis, cysts and abscesses.’
    • ‘These are particularly helpful for treating amebic dysentery, as well as other bacterial forms of diarrhea.’
    • ‘Of the foodborne and waterborne diseases, bacillary and amebic dysenteries are common and hepatitis A is reported, particularly in the northern islands.’


amoebic dysentery

/əˌmēbik ˈdis(ə)nterē/