Definition of amnesiac in US English:


(also amnesic)


  • A person experiencing a partial or total loss of memory.

    ‘amnesiacs commonly retain many of their old skills after the onset of amnesia’
    • ‘A traumatized amnesiac is transformed by an encounter with a 12-year-old girl who has been abandoned by her father.’
    • ‘Among the volunteers were five amnesiacs who had extensive brain damage in their temporal medial lobes.’
    • ‘It's an important detail that M, the amnesiac, wore a cross on a golden chain.’
    • ‘Gus, an amnesiac, lies in a Vancouver hospital trying to remember who he is.’
    • ‘The judge once dated a psychotically murderous mutant amnesiac.’
    • ‘All of them died except amnesiac Alice.’
    • ‘An amnesiac found near the tracks fits the description perfectly.’
    • ‘He's an amnesiac found left for dead with two bullet holes in his back and a tiny flashlight that reveals the code to a safe deposit box.’
    • ‘Not the most expressive of actors, he plays the bewildered amnesiac suffering inner demons with mostly a quiet desperation.’
    • ‘I found solace in the knowledge that if it left me an amnesic with no personality, I wouldn't have the emotion to care.’


  • Experiencing or relating to a partial or total loss of memory.

    ‘the police last night launched a public appeal to help identify an amnesiac woman’
    ‘she stumbles back into town in an amnesiac daze’
    • ‘The amnesiac state Rita is in puts her in a position of vulnerability and complete dependence.’
    • ‘We offered a full lunch to two severely amnesic people, who have no memory of having just eaten.’
    • ‘The story line traces a confused, presumably amnesiac character through several episodes.’
    • ‘Dazed and amnesiac, she takes refuge in the apartment of Betty's aunt, who has loaned the place out to her niece.’
    • ‘This frustration accurately reflects the feelings of people who live with amnesic patients.’
    • ‘He's been missing for 24 hours and is wanted for a murder committed during his amnesiac period.’
    • ‘In this amnesiac state, we began to misperceive these symbols and writings.’
    • ‘All femmes fatales are amnesiac, in that they forget their vows.’
    • ‘People who are not amnesiac do not forget mundane events and then suddenly remember them five years later.’
    • ‘For convenience, he refers to the amnesiac woman as "Grace."’