Definition of ammonium chloride in US English:

ammonium chloride


  • A white crystalline salt used chiefly in dry cells, as a mordant, and as soldering flux.

    Chemical formula: NH₄Cl

    Also called sal ammoniac
    • ‘Enteric coated tablets containing alkaline matter such as ammonium chloride, lithium carbonate or sodium-salicylate might lose the stability when storing at higher temperature, it has been sometimes experienced.’
    • ‘It is manufactured by heating methanal with ammonium chloride.’
    • ‘These salts, along with other inorganic salts (calcium chloride, potassium chloride), dissociate in solution; thus, the filtrate may contain ammonium sulfate, sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, or sodium sulfate.’
    • ‘All specimens are latex molds whitened with ammonium chloride.’
    • ‘Leclanche's battery was known as a ‘wet cell’ because both the anode and cathode were submerged into a liquid solution of ammonium chloride (which acted as the electrolyte).’