Definition of Amidah in US English:



  • A prayer, part of the Jewish liturgy, consisting of a varying number of blessings recited while the worshipers stand.

    • ‘I began the Amidah - the focal recitation of the day - and invoked the names of the Patriarchs, but something was missing.’
    • ‘We recited the familiar prayers, like the Shema and the Amidah in their original Hebrew.’
    • ‘The prayer at the center of every Jewish service, the Amidah, is nothing but blessings, nineteen of them.’
    • ‘If you need a structure, it can follow the Amidah: First acknowledge God's existence and that you are talking to Him.’
    • ‘With this background, we proceed to the Amidah, where we pray for God to give us our needs, so that we may be able to fulfill His will.’


Late 19th century: Hebrew, literally ‘standing’.