Definition of American crocodile in US English:

American crocodile


  • A crocodile with a long tapering head, occurring from southernmost Florida to Ecuador.

    Crocodylus acutus, family Crocodylidae

    • ‘Problem American crocodiles in Florida were relocated at one time, but when it proved ineffective, wildlife managers changed tactics.’
    • ‘As we made our way along the canal, we saw several American crocodiles sheltering within the mangrove roots, as well as a modest-sized green iguana lying on a low-hanging branch.’
    • ‘In a possible milestone for endangered species, sightings of American crocodiles are increasing in south Florida's waters.’
    • ‘Mazzotti recently led the first comprehensive survey of American crocodiles living in South Florida.’
    • ‘Like their cousins, American crocodiles were once hunted intensively for their hides.’