Definition of American cheese in US English:

American cheese


  • A type of mild-flavored semisoft processed cheese.

    • ‘She lifted the white bread off of her sandwich and looked at the bologna and the slice of American cheese.’
    • ‘Last July, you'll recall the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported American cheese stocks had declined 22 million pounds in June.’
    • ‘Wrap a slice of American cheese around a cracker or small breadstick for a satisfying snack that's still low in calories and fat.’
    • ‘The individually wrapped American cheese slices with potato chips aren't all that bad.’
    • ‘The American cheese that comes on top is perfectly acceptable.’
    • ‘Oddly enough the individually wrapped packages smell like American cheese slices when you open them.’
    • ‘I made two egg sandwiches filled with warm, succulent eggs, melted American cheese, and mayonnaise.’
    • ‘The fat content in peanuts is the least among snack and lunch items such as American cheese slices and beef bologna.’
    • ‘This plant only made American cheese up until August 2000, and at that point, something important happened.’
    • ‘My dish was an omelet with American cheese and onions.’
    • ‘I thought it would be a burger with a slice of American cheese and some sort of Blue cheese sauce.’
    • ‘The cheddar flavor is equally harsh on the palate, though also low in calories and fat compared to regular American cheese.’
    • ‘Last night I ate two slices of individually wrapped fat free American cheese (yes I unwrapped them first).’
    • ‘I weaved my way past the cheese section and wondered why my European friends hate American cheese so much.’
    • ‘He grabbed a package of American cheese and proclaimed, ‘Lunch meat!’’
    • ‘However, Schild stresses that the American cheese industry could take a few lessons from the Europeans, at least when it comes to introducing consumers to more flavorful, exotic varieties of cheese.’
    • ‘The market for American cheese in China is an untapped area.’
    • ‘Indeed, in Trudeau's honor, I just made grilled cheese sandwiches for my family (with American cheese and white bread, no less!)’
    • ‘That's not to say that there isn't real cheese in American cheese.’
    • ‘First, there's the common perception of pasteurized processed American cheese, sold either as slices or loaves.’


American cheese