Definition of amenorrhea in US English:


(British amenorrhoea)


  • An abnormal absence of menstruation.

    • ‘About one woman in 100 will have amenorrhoea for three to six months after stopping use of the pill.’
    • ‘Early pregnancy was defined as a period of amenorrhea in a pregnant woman not exceeding 16 weeks.’
    • ‘Most of the women who took part in the study reported a history of amenorrhea - absence of a menstrual period for three months or more - before they were later diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.’
    • ‘While still a student, he published a number of papers, notably on peritonitis, amenorrhea, and liver disease.’
    • ‘If their function is weak, then irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and infertility will appear.’


Early 19th century: from a- ‘without’ + menorrhea.