Definition of ambulocetus in English:



  • A large carnivorous amphibian ("Ambulocetus natans", order "Cetacea") of the Eocene epoch, an early ancestor of today's whales.

    • ‘In 1995 yet a third transitional creature was discovered, Dalanistes, with shorter legs than Ambulocetus, webbed feet, a longer tail, and a much larger and more whalelike skull.’
    • ‘Even more disturbing is the fact that fossils of Ambulocetus were found in strata at or above the stratigraphic levels where whale fossils were found.’
    • ‘Then paleontologists working in Pakistan found the fossil of a 45-million year old whale named Ambulocetus that looked in life like a furry crocodile.’
    • ‘Paleontologists have found complete skeletons of creatures such as the 45 million year old Ambulocetus.’


1990s: modern Latin, from Latin ambulare to walk + cetus whale.