Definition of Ambrosian in US English:



  • Relating to St. Ambrose, especially in relation to his developments in church music.

    ‘two important manuscript sources of Ambrosian chant’
    • ‘Prayer (II) borrows its first line and its meter from an Ambrosian liturgical hymn.’
    • ‘The experience of the Ambrosian hymns was so powerful that Augustine retained it in his memory and often referred to it in his works.’
    • ‘There is no Ash Wednesday (or Clean Monday for that matter) in the Ambrosian Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.’
    • ‘St Gregory the Great added four more to the original Ambrosian modes, and this system forms the basis of Gregorian plainsong, still used in the Roman Catholic Church.’
    • ‘The Ambrosian scheme, deriving its origin from St. Ambrose, only provides for the recitation of the Psalter once a fortnight.’
    • ‘Surviving manuscripts show that the standard Gregorian chant was not used, and Ambrosian forms persisted in Italian-speaking regions until recent times.’