Definition of ambrosial in US English:



Roman Mythology Greek Mythology
  • See ambrosia

    • ‘But when I pop one into my mouth, it is ambrosial.’
    • ‘A pity, because the beautifully poached damsons, greengages and plums which accompanied them were ambrosial enough to serve on their own.’
    • ‘These berries, each no bigger than the tip of your little finger, have an intensely concentrated flavor I can describe only as ambrosial - reminiscent of strawberries, roses, and pineapples.’
    • ‘A rose covered arbour smells ambrosial, looks even better and the path through it leads you into the garden.’
    • ‘Indulge your taste buds in an ambrosial meal prepared by a creative Hawaiian chef, then take a long languorous walk, arm in arm, along the beach.’