Definition of amateurish in English:



  • Unskillful; inept.

    ‘the editing is choppy and amateurish’
    ‘amateurish actors’
    • ‘The cheesy production values, the low-budget special effects, and the amateurish level of some of the acting alienated me at first.’
    • ‘For all her brother's enthusiasm, she imagined that the end product would be three amateurish pop songs, all with the same four basic chords.’
    • ‘Fundamentally, this is an amateurish, lo-tech operation.’
    • ‘The writing is mostly amateurish, aimed at times to young kids.’
    • ‘McBride ran a pretty amateurish campaign, and it showed.’
    • ‘But some of his other early efforts on the DVD collection are amateurish, uneven affairs - a flaw he happily concedes.’
    • ‘On the next wall, there is a clutch of figurative drawings from the early 1990s, some beautifully conceived and others unwieldy and amateurish.’
    • ‘Ryan's ads were laughed at as amateurish, but they apparently worked.’
    • ‘The amateurish performances, hamfisted dramatics and video nasty violence are a completely resistible combination.’
    • ‘They looked amateurish, all huddled together for security.’
    • ‘And the thing that strikes me is how amateurish the whole thing seems.’
    • ‘Rather, I'll mention the fact that the movie has a certain amateurish charm to it that's hard to deny, but it hardly bears more than one or two views.’
    • ‘Here, playing a priest who has lost his faith, he comes off as amateurish and unlikable, a second rate character that is not very funny.’
    • ‘His actual art, particularly his paintings, is often amateurish; his visual skills could not match his ambition.’
    • ‘Their efforts have typically been amateurish.’
    • ‘‘They were basically for show and completely amateurish,’ she said.’
    • ‘And if that sounds rather vague and amateurish, I'm sure it is.’
    • ‘The photographs are of indifferent quality, the layout and design clumsy and amateurish.’
    • ‘In the end, the organization looks clumsy and amateurish.’
    • ‘We won't be happy until we've got 400 cable or satellite or digital stations and we can watch the most ridiculous, amateurish, shoddy bits of nonsense.’
    • ‘If the answer to both questions is in the negative, then tell him that jiggling in time to the music is amateurish and jiggling out of time with the music distracting.’
    • ‘Looking back to that first World Cup in New Zealand 15 years ago, it all seems laughably innocent and amateurish now.’
    • ‘Worse, it is making unforced errors which make it look amateurish and incompetent.’
    • ‘I think it's a good sign that there is so much amateurish material.’
    • ‘Looking back, I was totally naive and amateurish, but those six months stood me in good stead for what I'm doing now.’
    • ‘Why did these highly paid professionals make such amateurish mistakes?’
    • ‘But if special insight is far beyond my ability, amateurish speculation based on a questionable assumption is not.’
    • ‘Their presentation was ill-prepared and disappointing, and their proposals amateurish and ill-informed.’
    • ‘It was very amateurish and very unprofessional and very disturbing.’
    • ‘In truth, we were quite amateurish, though we tried not to be; revolutions are seldom started by professionals and experts.’
    • ‘It's the first time cameras have been allowed behind the scenes of lottery operator Camelot, and this rather amateurish film reveals what happens once a win is confirmed.’
    • ‘While one can dismiss much work at a glance as amateurish or badly crafted, that is not the case for this mark.’
    • ‘This may explain why Ricci gives a thin, amateurish performance.’
    • ‘It's a very strong picture, albeit it a little amateurish.’
    • ‘Try to ignore the poor spelling and amateurish design, and concentrate on the quality of advice gleaned from years of experience.’
    • ‘If they try to do so on their own, their attempts will often be amateurish, incompetent, and therefore less of a threat than they might otherwise be.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that it is amateurish and will threaten the safety of our children.’
    • ‘Almost all these bizarre images have a furtive, amateurish air about them; they were never meant to be seen in daylight.’
    • ‘In both cases, the process is entertainingly amateurish, at least from a branding professional's perspective.’
    • ‘In spite of the good result, their London election performance was more amateurish than last year's European elections.’
    incompetent, inept, useless, unskilful, inexpert, amateur, clumsy, maladroit, gauche, blundering, bungling, bumbling, botched, crude
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