Definition of amaretto in US English:



  • A sweet, almond-flavored liqueur.

    • ‘Kate ordered a short vanilla amaretto café latte with whipped cream and cinnamon on top.’
    • ‘The chocolate mousse had an overwhelming sense of alcohol which was stronger than the amaretto which provided the spirit.’
    • ‘In a cocktail shaker partially filled with ice, mix amaretto, peach schnapps and orange juice.’
    • ‘You may not want to admit it to the rest of your softball team, but flavors like mocha amaretto and caramel are palate pleasers.’
    • ‘Vicky had white chocolate brulee and I opted for the amaretto cheesecake with fruit sauce.’
    • ‘In Italy, bitter-almond paste is used to make the crisp amaretti cookies, and bitter-almond extract gives amaretto liqueur its character.’
    • ‘At Cherrywood's, women drank coffee with amaretto, and men drank ale.’
    • ‘After dinner I like Italian liqueurs like limoncello or amaretto.’
    • ‘You are greeted by a selection of free drinks, from iced water to espresso, cappuccino, passion fruit tea, soft drink, and coffee of the day with a choice of flavours from amaretto, chocolate, roasted hazelnut and Irish cream.’
    • ‘One of the most popular is the Strawberry Shortcake, made with amaretto, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘Using amaretto and an organic Valencia orange, breakfast turned out quite well.’
    • ‘The meal was polished off with some complimentary icy cold amaretto - an apology for my pasta.’
    • ‘Pour a generous dash of creme de menthe, Kahlua, Frangelico, or amaretto over vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.’
    • ‘Winners this year included drinks made using a Scottish candy with cloves and orange bitters, one with Chartreuse and rosemary, and a highly recommended refresher using peach puree, amaretto and peach bitters.’
    • ‘While my eye was immediately drawn to the Belgian dark chocolate and chilli cheesecake, I couldn't resist my childhood favourite of trifle, which came in raspberry, ginger and amaretto flavour.’
    • ‘For pudding, I had raspberries topped with pistachio amaretto crumble.’
    • ‘I demanded the grilled peaches served with an amaretto creme fraiche.’
    • ‘I passed on the sweets, but Karin chose baked amaretto cheesecake with whipped cream.’
    • ‘There was only one dessert of hazelnut biscuits, which was drizzled with lemon honey and served with apricot and peaches in amaretto.’
    • ‘I also used amaretto instead of rum in the recipe.’


Italian, diminutive of amaro ‘bitter’ (with reference to bitter almonds).