Definition of alveolar in English:



  • 1Relating to an alveolus, in particular.

    • ‘It has been reported that bone loss affects the jaw bones (particularly the alveolar bone).’
    • ‘The alveolar septa showed no significant inflammation or other abnormalities.’
    • ‘The respiratory bronchiole branches to form alveolar ducts.’
    • ‘These are also observed within alveolar septa.’
    • ‘Many investigators believe that the tumor arises from bronchiolar or alveolar epithelium.’
    1. 1.1Anatomy Relating to or denoting the bony ridge that contains the sockets of the upper teeth.
      • ‘It is done by means of fixed or removable appliances that gently move the teeth and supporting alveolar bone until they are in the desired position.’
      • ‘They occur almost exclusively along the alveolar ridge of the maxilla in white female newborns.’
      • ‘The tooth roots are attached to the surrounding alveolar bone of the tooth socket.’
      • ‘The alveolar region is the location of tooth attachment.’
      • ‘Children with cleft palates often have an alveolar ridge defect.’
    2. 1.2Phonetics (of a consonant) pronounced with the tip of the tongue on or near this ridge (e.g., n, s, t)
      • ‘Some years ago it was pointed out to me that when I'm trying to be very precise in talking about linguistics, I use dental rather than alveolar articulations for consonants.’
      • ‘It shows that the lower a person's social status, the more likely he or she is to use a higher percentage of alveolar rather than velar nasal endings.’
      • ‘It must be rigid enough to promote near zero surface tensions during the alveolar compression.’
      • ‘Hebrew and Arabic use dentalized t, d, th, etc., while English makes the sounds farther back at the alveolar ridge.’
    3. 1.3Anatomy Relating to an alveolus or the alveoli of the lung.
      • ‘This growth factor is abundantly expressed in many different lung cells, including alveolar macrophages and type II cells.’
      • ‘Note that it is the amount of carbon dioxide in alveolar air in the lungs that has to be measured in evaluating the state of health.’
      • ‘To quantify the alveolar injuries, we measured radial alveolar count in lung tissue at each time point.’
      • ‘Alveolar number was closely related to total lung volume whereas alveolar size was not.’


  • An alveolar consonant.

    • ‘Both the /s/ and /z/ sounds are alveolars, articulated in the same place in the vocal cavity’
    • ‘The bare letters's', 't', 'n', 'l', etc. cannot be assumed to specifically represent alveolars.’
    • ‘Given that both soft and hard alveolars (‘t’ and ‘d') are used in Punjabi, their representation in the new script would constitute the most baffling problem.’