Definition of alto-relievo in US English:



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    another term for "high relief" at relief (sense 4)
    • ‘The Trent Tile Company made a specialty of dull-finished or ‘Trent finished’ tiles in alto-relievo, which are treated by the sand-blast process after being glazed.’
    • ‘The scenic front is not pictorially decorated but is composed of a metal coating and a bronze alto-relievo sculpture located in a black recess.’
    • ‘I have lately seen a new alto-relievo model of Scotland brought out by Messrs William Martin & Co.,. of 67 West Nile Street, Glasgow.’
    • ‘The second is designed to reproduce sculptures, as the first, of dimensions equaling the model, but of the kind called alto-relievo.’
    • ‘The wall is carved with the technique of three-layer alto-relievo.’
    1. 1.1 A sculpture or carving in high relief.
      • ‘The centre of the river-front, which comprises the length of the long room, has a series of nine lofty windows, over which in the attic are two continued panels, enriched with alto-relievos, in artificial stone, the subjects characteristic of the purposes of the building.’
      • ‘On the chapel walls there are alto-relievos with the ‘Life of Saint Anthony’.’
      • ‘In Sydney, he executed the reredos in St Mary's Cathedral, together with a statue of St Patrick, four other statues, and the altars and alto-relievos.’
      • ‘The best artists have vied with each other in carving the alto-relievos of the arcade, which, for design and execution, would do honour to the sculptors of antiquity.’
      • ‘However, there are a good crop of busts, alto-relievos and full figures from the 17th, 18th and mostly early 19th centuries.’


Mid 17th century: from Italian alto-rilievo.