Definition of altar girl in US English:

altar girl


  • A girl who acts as a priest's assistant during a service, especially in the Roman Catholic Church.

    • ‘‘We were actually the first altar girls at our church here in Montreal,’ recalls Wolff.’
    • ‘The laity are more ‘active’ than formerly, reading lessons, and ‘taking’ communion by hand rather than ‘receiving’ it on the tongue, and there are now altar girls as well boys.’
    • ‘Before I came to Paganism (by way of Google, rather embarrassingly), I was an altar girl at my Catholic church.’
    • ‘The Vatican directive, commissioned by Pope John Paul II, softened a stricter earlier draft that had discouraged the use of altar girls and denounced such practices as applauding and dancing during Mass.’
    • ‘When your ten-year-old niece, already an ‘altar girl,’ expresses her outrage that she can never be a priest or bishop, you must, as an ordained minister, start to pay attention.’