Definition of alphabetization in US English:


(British alphabetisation)


  • See alphabetize

    • ‘Through the magic of alphabetization, the book I recommend with the most caveats appears first.’
    • ‘Of all our worldly possessions, I don't think there is currently anything more capable of making my spirits soar than this towering monument - this shrine - to orderly alphabetisation.’
    • ‘Functions are listed alphabetically, which makes locating them quick and painless (unless you're a fan of categorization divisions that is, in which case the alphabetization won't suit you at all).’
    • ‘Access to knowledge also became more systematic, as in the spread of alphabetization, compilations of technical material in encyclopedias, and the Linnaean method of classifying and identifying botanical specimens.’
    • ‘But the alphabetisation never went beyond the first or second letter, so even though the works were arranged in alphabetical order, they were not as easy to check on shelf as ours are today.’