Definition of alpha test in US English:

alpha test


  • A trial of machinery, software, or other products carried out by a developer before a product is made available for beta testing.

    • ‘This is necessary because we want to count pixel shader executions that also happen for pixels that fail the alpha test.’
    • ‘Massively-connected development is in beta-test; massively-connected specification is in early alpha-test.’
    • ‘Cronbach alpha tests show acceptable reliability scores, and there are low correlations among the scales.’
    • ‘But, running two or three complete alpha tests at this point is going to save grief later.’
    • ‘During an alpha test last summer, the company began giving friends and neighbors access codes to dial up its Web site, offering free video rentals, a pint of ice cream, candy and soda to anyone who merely signed up.’


[with object]
  • Subject (a product) to an alpha test.

    ‘each model was then alpha-tested with specific test patterns’
    • ‘He has an alpha-testing lab of ten thousand people!’
    • ‘It also said the part is the first mobile GPU to support transparency super-sampling and multi-sampling, enhancing the look of objects modeled in alpha-tested textures, such as chain-link fences, grass and trees.’


alpha test

/ˈælfə ˌtɛst/