Definition of almoner in US English:



  • An official distributor of alms.

    • ‘Lodge almoner Donald Worsnop said it was interesting to visit the school and see the work being done with the children.’
    • ‘He soon left scholarship to serve as chaplain to Henry Deane, archbishop of Canterbury, from 1501, became a royal chaplain from 1507, and the king's almoner in 1509.’
    • ‘The former Royal Navy engineer was also an almoner for Beach Lodge for 26 years, which meant he visited sick members and Freemason widows.’
    • ‘After returning to Oxford for a year she gained a ‘war degree’ and qualified as a social worker, or what was then called a lady almoner, in 1947.’
    • ‘He explains that once he recovered from the injury, he was captured by Spaniards, thrown in jail and then sent to Constantinople to be the almoner to the French Ambassador.’


Middle English: from Old French aumonier, based on medieval Latin eleemosynarius, from eleemosyna ‘alms’ (see alms).