Definition of Almain in US English:


(also Allmand, Almaine)


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Germany or the lands corresponding to modern Germany; a German. Chiefly archaic and literary in later use.

  • 2A kind of dance, especially one of a form cultivated in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries in England, similar to (and sometimes identified with) the allemande, but typically livelier and accompanied by a simpler melody. Now historical.

  • 3Music. A piece of music based on or accompanying an Almain. Compare "allemande". Now chiefly historical.


  • Of, relating to, or characteristic of Germany or the German language; German. Now archaic and historical.


Middle English; earliest use found in Guy of Warwick. From Anglo-Norman alemaun, almand, alaman, allemaund, Anglo-Norman and Middle French aleman, Middle French allemand, allemant, (plural) allemans (French allemand) (adjective) German, (noun) native or inhabitant of Germany, the German language from post-classical Latin Alamannus.