Definition of allostatic in US English:



  • See allostasis

    • ‘Body color thus suggests that acute responses are reinforced by subsequent allostatic readjustment of tonic hormone levels, particularly that of melanotropin.’
    • ‘An imbalance in the allostatic concentration of reproductive hormones can also result in other reproductive disturbances and mood swings and initiate depression in susceptible women.’
    • ‘It is suggested that allostatic load, the cumulative result of physiological allocation in relation to environmental stimuli, can lead to pathological conditions when demands for resources far outstrip the resources available.’
    • ‘He will consider the causes of allostatic overload as well as potential ways to fight it.’
    • ‘Homeostatic second order cybernetic systems demand this of the functional apparatus; it must be allopoietic, and allostatic at the same time.’