Definition of alligator snapping turtle in US English:

alligator snapping turtle

(also alligator snapper)


  • A large-headed, long-tailed snapping turtle of the southeastern US, found especially in the Gulf States. Weighing up to 150 pounds (67.5 kg), it is the largest freshwater turtle in North America.

    Macroclemys temminckii, family Chelydridae

    • ‘When submerged on the bottom of a river, it is easy to mistake the alligator snapper for a pile of rocks.’
    • ‘Historical records show alligator snappers up to 300 pounds have been captured in Georgia and Florida.’
    • ‘You can keep other species of turtles with alligator snappers provided they are the same size.’
    • ‘The alligator snapping turtle lays its eggs on dry land in soft earth or sand.’
    • ‘Although alligator snappers do not prefer moving water, it is necessary to keep the water from stagnating.’