Definition of allergist in English:



  • A medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

    • ‘You may be referred to a dermatologist or an allergist for nickel skin patch testing.’
    • ‘An allergist can verify whether you are truly allergic.’
    • ‘I brought my son to a pediatric allergist, who discovered that he was allergic to milk, corn, and oats.’
    • ‘Usually the allergist will start off with something like a skin test or a blood test.’
    • ‘Just five people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are currently being trained as specialised allergists.’
    • ‘The diagnosis was made in 1989 by an allergist using a skin test.’
    • ‘It would be wise to avoid all types of shellfish until you can consult with an allergist.’
    • ‘‘Patients are instead given drugs, often for years and years, to manage symptoms, when one or two visits to an allergist could ameliorate their conditions, without the use of drugs,’ said Mr Hinchliffe.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the doctor may refer your child to an allergist to perform allergy testing to find out if the rash is an allergic reaction to a certain substance.’
    • ‘A qualified allergist / immunologist will have all the medications and equipment necessary at the office to treat a serious reaction immediately.’
    • ‘Your allergist or dietitian might also have suggestions.’
    • ‘Talk to the doctor or an allergist to diagnose your possible allergy.’
    • ‘Consultation with an allergist can define the optimal regimen to reduce sensitivity to specific allergens.’
    • ‘Consider referral to an allergist for desensitisation therapy.’
    • ‘If you develop any unusual symptoms, stop and consult an allergist or physician.’
    • ‘Even though natural interventions work for some people, those with severe cases should consult an allergist for treatment.’
    • ‘Often, allergists will instruct parents to completely restrict the allergen from the child's diet.’
    • ‘If your child's asthma seems to be allergy-related, he or she may also need to see an allergist for medication or allergy shots.’
    • ‘Most allergists believe that no dog is 100 per cent allergy-free, and often as dogs grow older their coats can change and become more troublesome for allergy sufferers.’
    • ‘In some cases, an allergist can prescribe immunotherapy, a series of allergy shots that gradually make the body unresponsive to specific allergens.’