Definition of allege in US English:



  • 1reporting verb Claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case.

    with clause ‘he alleged that he had been assaulted’
    ‘he is alleged to have assaulted five men’
    with object and infinitive ‘the offenses are alleged to have been committed outside the woman's home’
    • ‘The first charge is quite clear and I advise the Court that the particulars in that charge allege or constitute a war crime.’
    • ‘Suddenly they started alleging that he was blogging from Manhattan.’
    • ‘However Mrs Rodriguez's lawyers do not allege he had any sexual relationship with the singer.’
    • ‘However the actual dishonesty alleged relates to Mr Sage's claim that he had always had a recollection of using the words at the meeting.’
    • ‘Some have even pointed fingers at the government, alleging interference in judiciary matters.’
    • ‘The statement of claim alleges that the gun was unregistered and had no trigger lock.’
    • ‘The offences are alleged to have occurred on September 10 this year.’
    • ‘A single strand of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne's hair was found on the sweatshirt of her alleged killer, a court heard yesterday.’
    • ‘Critics have poked holes in her arguments, alleging that her renowned depth of knowledge is shockingly shallow.’
    • ‘The alleged bribes were channelled through a number of companies set up for the purpose.’
    • ‘In Germany and France, Rambus also took action against Hyundai for alleged patent infringements.’
    • ‘Where they're wrong is in alleging that these rules have been unquestioned by the media up until now.’
    • ‘In that case, the trial judge curtailed defence cross-examination of a complainant on her alleged false accusation of sexual assault against another man.’
    • ‘The report details dozens of blatant civil rights abuses, many alleging inhumane treatment of prisoners at the hands of Department employees.’
    • ‘The outspoken Sethi has challenged the Deputy Chief Minister, alleging that Patil's men have been demanding Rs.’
    • ‘Local eyewitnesses dispute the claim, and allege that only children were in the streets.’
    • ‘These stories are alleging that they were secretly actually funded by lobbyists.’
    • ‘A number of customers have started legal action against the bank over alleged breach of confidentiality.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, police announced that they had captured Bank Global employee Steven, who was wanted for attempting to destroy documentation connected to the alleged fraud.’
    • ‘They emphasised they are not alleging any impropriety has taken place.’
    • ‘Tomorrow the Constitution Court will meet to decide whether to dissolve Mr Somchai's People's Power Party for alleged vote-buying.’
    • ‘But to dismiss what he now alleges is to ignore the overwhelming evidence that what he says is true.’
    • ‘Cicek reportedly attempted to justify police excesses by referring to alleged abuses in Europe, even citing Ireland's rejection of the EU constitution in a referendum last June.’
    • ‘Elected representatives make noise alleging that the quality of work is inferior.’
    • ‘He argues persuasively against the prohibitionists who allege that alcohol stokes violence.’
    • ‘He also alleged that Condron had bit him on the fingers in the attack.’
    • ‘A potential Labour backbench revolt over the Government's plans for faith schools was delayed last night by a Commons row over alleged vote-rigging.’
    • ‘At least two residents have approached The Tribune, alleging partisan behaviour.’
    • ‘In 2006, he resigned as leader of the church after a former male prostitute alleged that they had sex.’
    • ‘Scotland Yard said that its organised crime unit was still investigating a dossier of reports alleging human rights abuses.’
    • ‘We do have an affidavit, a court affidavit involving one of the alleged prostitutes.’
    • ‘The applicants allege that there is insufficient evidence to show that a charge of forgery could be laid.’
    • ‘The Court of Appeal allowed the beneficiaries to amend their claim to allege dishonesty.’
    • ‘Nor is it alleged that the repayment of the loan was for fraudulent or improper purposes.’
    • ‘Consequently, he brought a small claims action against the firm, alleging breach of contract.’
    • ‘He further claimed compensation for injury to his feelings, alleging that his human rights had been breached.’
    • ‘Today it announced the start of legal action alleging misleading and deceptive conduct.’
    • ‘The case under consideration involved an alleged terrorist conspiracy to murder in relation to which both countries would claim extra-territorial jurisdiction.’
    • ‘There can be circumstances where the open airing of suspicions may infringe the reasonable right to privacy of someone alleged to have ' broken the rules '.’
    • ‘Not all of the women are alleging any wrong-doing: some of them aren't even complaining about his behaviour.’
    claim, assert, declare, state, proclaim, maintain, advance, contend, argue, affirm, aver, avow, attest, testify, swear, certify, give evidence, bear witness, charge, accuse, suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, intimate, impute, plead, pretend, profess
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    1. 1.1usually be alleged Suppose or affirm to be the case.
      ‘the first artifact ever alleged to be from Earhart's aircraft’
      • ‘Blogging's comparative advantage has nothing to do with the alleged superior skills of bloggers or their higher intelligence.’
      • ‘But they allege authorities failed to deal properly with predictable psychiatric and psychological consequences.’
      • ‘Last night more than 2,000 police officers faced angry groups of people frustrated with high unemployment and alleged discrimination.’
      • ‘An alleged veteran is having his memory refreshed about an alleged atrocity he was having trouble recalling.’
      • ‘Romanists, in their attempts to prove infallibility, commonly begin by alleging the necessity of an infallible authority in matters of faith.’
      • ‘The complainants were 14-24 years of age at the time of the alleged incidents, which ranged from sexual touching to rape.’
      • ‘About a year ago an alleged rape victim was interviewed on television.’
      • ‘His injuries and alleged lack of desire to play have forced him to suit up for four different teams in the last five years.’
      • ‘Indeed, this focus on the alleged "political divisiveness" surrounding religion is a leading theme in his recent church-state opinions.’
      • ‘Finally, at the conference, there were even intimations that some attendees believed that many alleged victims were not actually victims at all.’
      • ‘The spokeswoman said full details of the charges, which relate to an alleged incident in Sierra Leone, were not yet known.’
      • ‘Zimbabwe's opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, today said he would return home this weekend despite alleged assassination threats from the Mugabe regime.’
      • ‘Traffic on the laneway was also being impeded, he alleged.’
      • ‘Dr. Wurster, the alleged orator, is now retired.’
      • ‘Two brothers, engineers Mike and MarK Tanner, are facing trial for alleged links to Khan's nuclear smuggling network.’
      • ‘Bush has not brought a single alleged terrorist suspect to court.’
      • ‘Every time he is investigated, his followers allege, it is for criminal purposes, not to test the scientific validity of his tonic.’
      • ‘His only witness had a similar loss of memory about the details of the alleged confrontation.’
      • ‘He couches his displeasure as an objection to the Pope's alleged desire to wage war on modern liberal democracy.’
      • ‘The case against Krekar is built largely on the testimony of two young men alleged to be members of Ansar al-Islam.’


Middle English (in the sense ‘declare on oath’): from Old French esligier, based on Latin lis, lit- ‘lawsuit’; confused in sense with Latin allegare ‘allege’.