Definition of allamanda in US English:



  • Any of a number of tropical shrubs or climbers that bear showy flowers, typically of yellow or purple.

    Species in several families, in particular members of the genus Allamanda, family Apocynaceae, including the South American yellow allamanda (A. cathartica), which is cultivated as an ornamental

    • ‘She has divided her own garden into ‘rooms’ separated by borders of shrubs - mussaenda with pink and red blooms, allamandas in a whole range of colours and the white balls of spirea, or bridal wreath - all in the shade of huge trees.’
    • ‘You'll delight in the colors and fragrances of the climbing white stephanotis vine, yellow allamander and oleander.’
    • ‘Yellow allamanda has a white milky sap in all parts, which oozes out as soon as it is broken.’
    • ‘Plumerias are native to tropical America and related to mandevillas, allamandas and oleanders.’
    • ‘The trellis above the rooms was laden with pink and yellow allamandas and bougainvillea.’


Modern Latin, named after Jean-Nicholas-Sébastien Allamand (1713–87), Swiss naturalist.