Definition of all over the lot in US English:

all over the lot


  • In a state of confusion or disorganization.

    • ‘I'm just a normal guy, got a job to do, and my emotions were all over the lot.’
    • ‘Since one-year results of stock indices jump all over the lot, let's look at five-year annualised returns.’
    • ‘The polls have been inconsistent and all over the lot, with the methodology of some coming under attack.’
    • ‘So the Supreme Court is just all over the lot on this.’
    • ‘I mean, the families are all over the lot over this.’
    • ‘Howard, I think you're all over the lot on this issue.’
    • ‘Conclusions about global warming are all over the lot, he notes.’
    • ‘Scientists are all over the lot on the question, and the issue is so hot politically that it's difficult to trust the science.’
    • ‘Further complicating the current picture is the fact that prices vary all over the lot.’
    • ‘Now legal scholars are also all over the lot, finding all sorts of reasons why the Constitution doesn't really mean what it says.’
    disordered, disorderly, untidy, disorganized, messy, chaotic, jumbled, muddled, confused, unsystematic, irregular, cluttered, littered
    in disorder, in a muddle, in a jumble, in disarray, in a disorganized manner, untidily, haphazardly, indiscriminately, in a mess, in confusion, in a heap, anyhow, any old how, pell-mell, topsy-turvy
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