Definition of All Fools' Day in US English:

All Fools' Day


  • another term for April Fool's Day
    • ‘If their recommendations are practical and adopted by the public, will the All Fools' Day this year see the beginning of a change?’
    • ‘Since that time ‘All Fools' Day’ has spread to many other parts of the world and the dominant practice is still sending people on a fool's errand.’
    • ‘All England must have felt humiliated in 1599 when Europe's Easter, the ‘real’ Easter by Pope Gregory's scientifically validated calendar, fell on 11 April while in England, 10 days behind, it was All Fools' Day.’
    • ‘If perchance you're looking for the perfect present for a scatterbrained soul born on All Fools' Day, let your fingers do the walking over to this website.’


All Fools' Day

/ˈˌôl ˈfo͞olz ˌdā/