Definition of all bets are off in US English:

all bets are off


  • The outcome of a situation is unpredictable.

    • ‘Any signs of a full blown conflict there and all bets are off,’ he said.’
    • ‘The moment it snows, be it a dusting or a few centimetres, all bets are off for normal courtesy at roundabouts, yellow hatchings are ignored, keep clear road signs disregarded and double yellow lines treated with contempt.’
    • ‘But after a third date, should one occur, all bets are off.’
    • ‘But once the great grand-kids reach retirement age, all bets are off.’
    • ‘Next time, maybe, but after that all bets are off.’
    • ‘Whatever their feelings, all bets are off, and tomorrow you can bet they will do whatever the hell they feel like doing.’
    • ‘One union rep has even been reported as saying that if the current negotiations ‘don't produce the 7% as we were promised then all bets are off as far as we are concerned.’’
    • ‘If there's a writer's strike come next fall, all bets are off.’
    • ‘‘All this is assuming we have no more significant interest rate rises - and all bets are off if the oil price goes back up again,’ he cautions.’
    • ‘Doesn't the authority of the old university in fact rely (at least conceptually) upon its solid, thing-like quality, while in the virtual university all bets are off?’
    • ‘However, all bets are off in the private sector.’
    • ‘If that is true, then in my opinion, all bets are off…’
    • ‘Either way, it is a safe bet you'll enjoy it - otherwise all bets are off.’
    • ‘Once they get to Washington DC, all bets are off.’
    • ‘And when they lie to me and I know they are lying, all bets are off.’
    • ‘But with globalization, the idea of doing business with neighbors one must face the next day is a quaint memory, and all bets are off. […]’
    • ‘Once you leave the first world, then all bets are off.’
    • ‘Fly through passes in mountainous terrain where venturi-fed winds can be fickle and unpredictable, and all bets are off.’
    • ‘Of course, if machines are electronically or telephonically connected either to each other or to a board of elections, all bets are off.’
    • ‘It may merit a joint prize, but all bets are off here.’