Definition of all-star in US English:



  • attributive Composed wholly of outstanding performers or players.

    ‘an all-star cast’
    • ‘It features a glittering all-star cast that includes Clive Owen, Benicio del Toro and Brittany Murphy.’
    • ‘The all-star cast, many of whom are stars of television and national theatre, gave an outstanding performance using the bar area as a stage.’
    • ‘Chelsea supporters had arrived in south-east London to witness their all-star cast take centre stage.’
    • ‘The hotly anticipated annual ensemble show at the Assembly Rooms will be Midnight Cowboy, with an all-star cast still to be announced.’
    • ‘In order to do that, we included an all-star cast of both monsters and actors and used the whole world as our stage.’
    • ‘It's a contemporary version with an a less than all-star cast.’
    • ‘The play is being presented by Open Door Theatre with an all-star cast.’
    • ‘The video performance with all-star backup singers was a bit odd.’
    • ‘An all-star cast fills this remake of a classic 1960 Rat Pack film about a crook who organizes a big heist.’
    • ‘On the one hand, you do get to see shows that might otherwise never be performed, and you get to see all-star casts that could never be assembled for a long run.’
    • ‘The panto has an all-star cast and promises to be a sellout so the advice is to come early to get a seat.’
    • ‘In the grand tradition of the Ealing comedies, the film has attracted an all-star cast of character actors.’
    • ‘But there are more than three stars in this all-star cast.’
    • ‘Featuring an up to scratch all-star cast, it is Close who really shines, with a cracking quirky little performance, again demonstrating her range.’
    • ‘Like it or not, with that kind of all-star cast, there is bound to be another media feeding frenzy when the film is released.’
    • ‘An all-star cast is currently being assembled and this promises to be a fantastic production.’
    • ‘His all-star cast may ensure a higher profile and more bums on seats in the multiplexes, but actors of the stature of Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck are not known for taking risks.’
    • ‘Stuck with an all-star cast and high-hope-filled pressure from studio execs, Hollywood publicists were in a bind.’
    • ‘Since then we've done all-star performances in London with sixty-five colleges.’
    • ‘With its detailed narrative, lavish photography and all-star cast, this was more of a short film than an ad.’


North American
  • A member of an all-star group or team.

    • ‘In many ways the selection process was very similar to the way baseball picks its all-stars.’
    • ‘Dupont and teammate Justin Faulkner were named OUA all-stars after placing in the top ten at the championships.’
    • ‘For the past 20 years, Real Madrid's team of all-stars have headed south to face their fiercest rivals.’
    • ‘The phenomenon of contract-year all-stars is one of baseball's oldest running jokes.’
    • ‘The men's team sported three all-stars, while freshman setter Dan Peters scored the rookie of the year honours.’
    • ‘Adam Clymer's a very experienced reporter, and one of the NY Times' all-stars.’
    • ‘So Popovich sat down and watched Tony Parker perform against a team of American college all-stars.’
    • ‘Sure, the Bucs look great on the field these days, but their mates are the real all-stars.’
    • ‘As an all-star softball player, Brittany sees the game as a means to a safe, fun summer.’
    • ‘Japanese teams were once routinely beaten by American all-stars; now they play them to a draw.’
    • ‘But then in Washington's last two big trades, the team exchanged young all-stars Chris Webber and Rasheed Wallace for aging journeymen with huge guaranteed contracts.’
    • ‘Lopez also is scheduled to make a tour to Japan with a team of major league all-stars.’
    • ‘They aren't a team; they're a collection of overpaid all-stars.’
    • ‘For the second straight year defender Sarah Miles and midfielder Leslie Gibbens were chosen as first team all-stars.’
    • ‘According to the Forum's Web site, its 12-member board of trustees includes some real all-stars.’
    • ‘Just to reiterate, both Atkinson and Ricks have won the Pulitzer Prize for their writing on the military (two times in Atkinson's case), and Peter Baker is one of The Post's all-stars as well.’
    • ‘Bacup manager Brent Peters will also be getting in on the action when he swaps his trade-mark coat for a pair of football boots to take on the all-stars.’
    • ‘Bring little ones to the park this month during baseball's All-Star break and dream about your own future all-stars.’
    • ‘Unlike those Republican capitalist Yankees, the Democrats can't afford to populate their team with high-priced all-stars.’
    • ‘Encourage people to make up totally false rumors (make sure that's clear up-front, that it's all in fun) about Blogosphere all-stars.’