Definition of all-seeing in US English:



  • Seeing everything.

    ‘an all-seeing eye casting its gaze out over the globe’
    • ‘I find it strange that anyone dare disobey the all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-loving God when He so clearly states what is wrong behaviour.’
    • ‘Too much is made of technology: the all-seeing camera, the omnipotent Internet.’
    • ‘The actor and impresario is currently in the public eye as the all-seeing under butler in Channel 4 reality show What the Butler Saw.’
    • ‘In tracking kidnappers and their victims, its all-seeing eye will be able to spot vehicles, maybe even zeroing in on licence plates, and people.’
    • ‘Dad has developed an all-seeing eye in Mum's absence.’
    • ‘This historical prison design positioned the warder as an all-seeing eye with the prisoners in a circular arrangement around him.’
    • ‘The all-seeing narration lends itself to broad, elegiac strokes of opinion.’
    • ‘The repetitive dos and don'ts presuppose a large, all-seeing, group of editors inside media houses, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, and also a squad of Telecommunications Authority broadcast police to keep check.’
    • ‘The group took it upon themselves to sit down, confront and resolve the situation - having largely forgotten about the all-seeing eye of the producers.’
    • ‘It was one of the strongest natural defensive positions in military history, with the monastery, like some great all-seeing eye, peering down on everything.’
    • ‘The all-knowing and all-seeing God knew how Adam and Eve would respond to his law.’
    • ‘Some French prisoners, who were Freemasons, carved bone snuff boxes depicting a Masonic temple and the all-seeing eye.’
    • ‘In the 1930s the media were not as powerful and all-seeing as they are today.’
    • ‘Many religions believe in the existence of an all-seeing deity.’
    • ‘A canny motorist has beaten the odds to win a rare victory against the all-seeing speed cameras.’
    • ‘Not for nothing did George Orwell use the BBC as his model for the Ministry of Truth in his novel 1984, a dark tale dominated by an all-seeing, all-knowing Big Brother.’
    • ‘Large, dumb armies cannot cope with a fast-moving, all-seeing, fully coordinated, digitized opponent, with super-accurate, highly lethal weaponry.’
    • ‘It features a Masonic pyramid, on top of which is an unblinking, all-seeing eye.’
    • ‘Hitchcock often said that he wanted his camera to behave like a third character in a scene, insinuated into its very fabric; the camera allows us to become an invisible, all-seeing third party in this gorgeous arabesque.’
    • ‘Its diamond shaped leaves, thought by the ancients to represent the all-seeing eyes of wisdom, never sagged or faded despite the absence of a watering system in that corner of the ranch.’
    all-knowing, all-wise
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