Definition of all-knowing in US English:



  • Knowing everything.

    ‘a conniving, all-knowing mastermind’
    • ‘I don't pretend to be an all-knowing food critic.’
    • ‘With which voice will you write: an all-knowing expert, or a curious learner?’
    • ‘What is it about leaving this spiritual plane that suddenly makes an idiot all-knowing?’
    • ‘Her smiles weren't ever very friendly; they were actually rather smug and all-knowing.’
    • ‘Despite the jetlag, he is thoroughly engaging, predictably all-knowing and slightly manic.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for her, he has forsaken her for the gentle love of an all-knowing God.’
    • ‘Her two memoirs, Twenty Years at Hull-House (1910) and Second Twenty Years (1930), created a benevolent, all-knowing persona.’
    • ‘He smirked, an all-knowing glint within his hard, blue eyes.’
    • ‘The red herrings don't seem as cheap as they often do in murder mysteries, and Jerry is far from the infallible, all-knowing investigator.’
    • ‘Just why such an all-knowing man was borderline illiterate remains a mystery.’
    • ‘The all-knowing voice would always deliver the precise answer to any question in a fraction of a second.’
    • ‘Teenagers may feel all-powerful and all-knowing at the same time that they experience fears of inadequacy and failure.’
    • ‘I was at an age when I still viewed my mother as wise and all-knowing, intimidating in stature and awesome in age.’
    • ‘All-knowing servants hover attentively in the background.’
    • ‘He has a habit, disconcerting at first, of turning his palm quizzically outward and staring off into the distance, as if silently interrogating an unseen, all-knowing source.’
    • ‘"Yeah, I saw you," she said with an all-knowing smile.’
    • ‘The reader is teased by what this allegedly all-knowing narrator would seem not to know, will not acquaint himself with, or declines to impart.’
    • ‘One of the reasons a teenager strikes out against the parent's assumption of what's right or wrong is because he's just beginning to realize that the parent is flawed; she's not all-knowing.’
    • ‘If the presenter assumes the role of the all-knowing expert on the topic, this valuable learning resource remains untapped.’
    • ‘Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually develop when you're about 18 - at which time, you will suddenly become all-knowing.’
    all-wise, all-seeing
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